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Psychological and Counselling Services

Individual Counselling

Peninsula Psychological Services offers a respectful supportive environment for you to discuss issues which are concerning you. During the sessions you will be provided with a safe comfortable environment in which you may want to resolve past issues and/or work on new strategies for personal growth.

Our professional psychologists are trained in many therapeutic approaches of which they will use a number of different strategies to identify why these issues are arising for you and also to teach you skills for you to get the most out of your life.

If you have a valid GP referral you may be entitled to a Medicare refund. For people on a Government Concession Card, and you have a valid GP referral you may be entitled to have the session bulk billed.

If you hold private health insurance you may be eligible for a rebate which is available at the time of payment through our HICAPS machine.

We partner with a number of Employee Assistance Providers so please check with us as you may be able to access a number of sessions with us through your EAP.

We are approved providers for employees of QAS, QPS and QFES and can assist you through your organisation's relevant programs. 

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